Queenie – “Manmade” flaunts her dexterous flow and fiery pen game!

Reputable for her unapologetic, fearless, and empowering music, Queenie continues to flaunt her dexterous flows and fiery pen game, except this time she takes it up a notch on her latest track “Manmade”. Taking us on a quick trip back to the golden era, the track encapsulates a nostalgic vocal flare in with a modern-day music twist. It’s a seamless generational blend with cut-throat lyrical flow and a trailblazing vibe. This project is what you would expect from a breakthrough artist. Topped with empowering punchlines, her hotshot persona and confrontational energy, “Manmade”, sets the record straight from her perspective: “No man can say that he made me. Self-made, we ain’t man made. Still make sons like a factory. Musics Tales of the Handmaid. Why would I care if they rate me. Rate of the growth got ’em irate. Took note of the ones that snaked. Imma make sure the payback fi get backdate.”

Housing a seductive punch that contrasts with her standoff intentions, “Manmade” delivers what fans would expect from a top tier rapper. Queenie embraces the idiosyncrasies of power-feminine rap in all the best ways. Her vivid lyrical DNA is present throughout the track, and she is not afraid to express her views. Queenie masters the line between sincerity, total self-confidence and genuine pathos, with each flourishing bar. It’s worth keeping your eyes on her for years to come.


Queenie has mastered the art of rhyming like the smartest and meanest girl in the hood. In rap right now, there are very few femcees who have such a focused demeanor. “Manmade’s” aesthetic belongs entirely to Queenie, as the project has been tailored according to her strengths. Fully engaged, with her cadence perfectly projected, you would think Queenie has being rapping her entire life, as she makes an indelible impression.

Paired with an ominous, menacing pitch, the roar of her voice dominates “Manmade”, and is matched by her lethal lyrics. The track runs the fundamentals of hip-hop – aggression, wit, outspokenness, and vibrant verbiage – through a contemporary filter. Bold in her approach, she maintains a fierce attitude throughout “Manmade”. It’s proof that she holds the talent and charisma to easily move to the next level of her career.

Before the accolades, streams, charts, and other quantifiable tributes the industry usually obsesses over, an artist’s enjoyment of their craft should precede all else. And that’s exactly what Queenie sounds like she is doing on “Manmade”. She is here to establish her position in the rap game and do so firmly, but not without enjoying it in the process. Here she is her most authentic self, and flaunts it enthusiastically across the song.

When you hear Queenie rap, it’s hard not to take notice of her. Her voice and accent is distinct, while her delivery and wordplay is absorbing. On “Manmade”, she highlights her fierce rhyming talent and self-assured style. Queenie separates herself from the crowded field of young women who are transforming the rap scene, through her overall appeal, and a strong sense of independence and individuality. An unmistakable air of empowered attitude permeates her craft.


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