Post-Punk Duo Static Phantoms Rise Against Power, Corruptions, and Lies with “Assassins”

Post-Punk Duo Static Phantoms Rise Against Power, Corruptions, and Lies with “Assassins”

I see in your eyes, the moon shines bright…

Dedric Moore (Monta at Odds; Gemini Revolution, The Republic Tigers) and Krysztof Nemeth (Emmaline Twist, Monta at Odds) decided to take the pandemic time as an opportunity to explore the music and themes of anxiety-driven New Wave music of the 1980s away from their usual offerings. Forming Static Phantoms out of this inspiration, the duo explored the sonic concept of a modern Cold War.

They began writing songs ranging from gothic meditations to lounge pop. “We wanted to pull out the sonic tricks that made the 80’s such a rich period of experimentation,” says Nemeth.

Their latest offering, “Assassins,” comes from the forthcoming album, “Bathed In A Blue Light,” Like the rest of the album, the song’s theme examines the modern sociopolitical landscape and its effect on the art world, taking inspiration from Depeche Mode, OMD, New Order, The Glove, Tones on Tail, Tears For Fears, and Soft Cell with their urgent synths and meaningful lyrics.

“Assassins,” an anthem for the masses to rise against those who embodied the “Power, Corruption and Lies” in our society, is a thoughtful manifesto from the band, melding meaningful political musings wrapped in a poetic guise, with magnificent music. While Moore masterfully helms the production of the songs, this project marks the exciting debut of Nemeth on lead vocals.

Perhaps the use of the term “Assassins” here can be seen as an analog for the role of “Artists” as iconoclasts against institutions that no longer serve the people.

In an age of post-irony, such a bold declaration is welcome. Throughout the unrelenting beat, angular guitar riffs, frantic synths, and overdriven vocals spark the light guiding each one of us…hope through the darkness, and through our own reflection.

Listen to “Assassins” below:

Bathed in a Blue Light is out on  September 17, 2022.

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