Nandis Wrld’s New “Sriracha” Single Inspires Fan To Get Sriracha Bottle Tattoo

Nandis Wrld

Nandis Wrld’s new “Sriracha” single and challenge takes his fandom to an entirely new level after a fan gets a tattoo as a memento of his song.

Pennsylvania artist Fernando Daniel Colon aka Nandis Wrld has done it again. His new height of musical accomplishment is creating a song so addictive, so viral, that it literally has fans buying out bottles of Sriracha to be a part of his “Sriracha Challenge.” With the success of his “Sriracha” single and challenge, Nandis Wrld has been labeled as the culprit for the Sriracha shortage highlighted by the company manufacturing the product, yet this was only the beginning of the impact the single held upon the industry.

“Sriracha” is inspiring fans to go as far as getting a tattoo in honor of the viral song. Jeremy Koehler, one of his many fans, wanted to take his support and love for the hit “Sriracha” to another level. Nandis Wrld caught wind of the fan’s request after having a conversation with Jeremy and personally contacted the owner, David Lugo of the ink Injection tattoo and body piercing shop located in Reading PA. Nandis Wrld reciprocated the huge support shown by Jeremy by taking him to the location and giving him the surprise of a lifetime. After getting a custom designed Sriracha bottle tattoo, Nandis Wrld gave Jeremy a free pass to all his events and access to be a part of any music video, topped off with an open invitation to any studio session for the recording of new tracks.

Nandis Wrld remains humble with his growing success, appreciating those giving his music a space in their lives and pushing it globally. Jeremy is a true fan and Nandis Wrld made sure to show the same love Jeremy showed by inking a Sriracha bottle. Find out for yourself why Nandis Wrld’s new single has such a huge impact on its listeners by streaming “Sriracha.”

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