Lizzo Proves She’s A True ARMY By Showing Her Support For BTS J-Hope’s Track “MORE”

Lizzo Proves She’s A True ARMY By Showing Her Support For BTS J-Hope’s Track “MORE”

BTS‘s J-Hope is set to release his solo album Jack In The Box and ARMYs couldn’t be more excited to hear what the has idol to offer. Throughout the past few weeks, J-Hope has been treating ARMYs to so many teasers and it isn’t surprising that time can’t go quick enough.

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/ Instagram

In particular, he released a music video for his track “MORE” ahead of the album’s release. It’s easy to say that it sent ARMYs into a meltdown and they couldn’t stop sharing their love.

| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

Well, it seems as if there is one major celebrity who is continuing to showcase her ARMY status and support for J-Hope, and it’s none other than Lizzo.

unnamed (3)

Throughout the years, Lizzo has cemented her status as a true ARMY, whether it was performing an amazing cover of the group’s track “Butter“…

unnamed (4)

Attending the group’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE show and proving that she was living her best life.

And finally meeting the group while they attended the Harry Styles concert. Lizzo has always gained the love of fans and they are obsessed with their interactions together.

BTS and Lizzo at Harry Styles’ concert 

Well, it seems like Lizzo has no intention of stopping that love, even when it comes to the members’ solo works. On Instagram, Lizzo posted a picture showing that she was listening to the track “MORE,” and put the caption, “LETS GOOO,” and tagged J-Hope’s Instagram.


J-Hope might be one of the most active idols on Instagram, especially when it comes to BTS, so he obviously saw Lizzo’s post. Rather than just leaving it, J-Hope showed his true personality when he reposted the image, adding the phrase “THX BFF” with a fire emoji.


Lizzo truly seemed to go into ARMY mode after seeing J-Hope repost her story and once again certified their BFF status. She reposted J-Hope’s story, adding lots of purple hearts and saying, “My Hope.”


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