Justin Mattock – “She’s Whiskey” is a perfect mix of everything that the artist does so exceedingly well!

Justin Mattock – “She’s Whiskey” is a perfect mix of everything that the artist does so exceedingly well!

From rough to smooth, from tough to loose, and from pop-punk right across the board to the country charts, there is nothing that Canadian artist Justin Mattock, cannot do. Since hitting the scene in 2014, he has ventured into a variety of different scenarios and genres. From producing Vancouver based Pop-Rock group, Chase Your Words, which put him on the national radar, to forming the Pop-punk/rock project Woke Up Waiting (later to be Harbourside) which reached fans across the globe, Mattock eventually pursued a solo career, leaning on Country, Pop and Alternative musical flavors to move him up the hill.

His debut single “By Your Side” (Produced by Garrett Ward and Dan BotchThe Renaissance) fired up the attention, and set him up for his new genre launch. Three songs and a quarter million streams collectively later, Mattock’s last single “First Time” hit #4 on the UK Country charts, and caught radio airplay in country music hubs across the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. On June 24th his latest single, “She’s Whiskey” hit media platforms, ready to cement his vision. Here the rising music artist shows the modern country music scene a glimpse of his true talent.

Make no mistake Justin Mattock knows the genre, as he pulls classic elements into modern country with a definite pop twist. Right from the get-go, there are fiddles, sweeping guitars and banging drums underscoring a memorable melody that builds from a sweet bounce into a soaring anthem.

Mattock’s sound is lusciously layered and solid, while the lyrics are smartly relatable and fit into the genre with ease, making for an overall captivating listening experience. The singer-songwriter is as country as they come, and it’s evidenced clearly on “She’s Whiskey”. It sounds as if he was born to make music just like this.

Perfect for radio, the song highlights Mattock’s vocal performance, and an acute sensibility for gorgeous ear-warming hooks. “She’s Whiskey” is fist-pumping dose of sonic fulfillment featuring a rocking rhythm, sunny side up tones, and downhome goodness ready for the windows rolled down under the summer sun.

In a world where music stars are seemingly created overnight in some sort of cloning factory, Justin Mattock is standing on his own two feet while cutting through the thick, and creating his own blistering pathway. Throughout it all, Mattock’s music is the consistent thread as he comes into his own, not only as a singer, but as a songwriter too. “She’s Whiskey” has a great vibe, and you can easily feel Justin Mattock’s infectious good energy throughout the track.

Few artists have demonstrated such a commitment to successfully switching and growing a brand, as Justin Mattock has done in the last year. This kind of commitment will no doubt continue to push him toward the upper echelon of modern country artists on the marketplace today.

“She’s Whiskey” is a perfect mix of everything that Mattock does so exceedingly well. He has everything, from charm to attitude, and as a songwriter, Mattock shines bright on this masterfully written and produced single.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/justinmattock
Twitter: http://twitter.com/justinmattock
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justinmattockmusic
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7e07oKBtQcO00WCqVM34Lc?si=9j7Wd327S02hgPfFOtUhOw
YouTube: http://youtube.com/justinmattock

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