Oakland Dark Punk Collective Adrenochrome Release Debut Album “In Memoriam”

Oakland dark punk collective Adrenochrome, have announced the release of their full-length album debut In Memoriam exclusively available on limited edition cassette, via Bandcamp and Chaotic No Good.

The cassette features all-new recordings with instruments recorded by Stan Wright in Portland and vocal recordings and mixing by Skot Brown in Oakland. This includes previously released songs like “Fools Paradise” and “The Knife” on professionally dubbed, pad-printed, transparent teal tapes. The artwork features two-color Risograph printed J-cards, with photos by Kevin Brown and Andres Ruiz, design by Lauren N. Bailey, and printed in LA by Tiny Splendor. The cassette release comes ahead of the vinyl release on French imprint Symphony of Destruction, coming early 2023.

Overall, their sound is reminiscent of bands like Killing Joke, Skeletal Family, and Specimen, with their own stamp of ferocity, energetic frenzy, and urgency. There is a sinister bend to their sound, particularly in the track “Immortalized”. In addition, there is an early Siouxsie bend, mixed with X, Fugazi, and the unhinged shrieks of Pixies’ Black Francis, while “Lost City” builds a thrilling crescendo. It’s pure punk with a gothic flair.

For “The Knife”, Adrenochrome collaborated with Oakland filmmaker Marcelle Marais, combining visual inspirations from cult and horror movie classics. The result is a jarring, Lynchian cinematic narrative, straddling the dimensions of wakefulness and sleep, and the liminal space of dissociation. 

Watch below:

Adrenochrome, who take their name from an early The Sisters of Mercy song. consists of an all-star lineup, featuring members of Otzi, Nyx Division, False Figure, Cruz de Navajas, Kurraka, and more

Order In Memoriam here.

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