Chris Brown Responds to Michael Jackson Comparisons

Chris Brown is calling cap on the Michael Jackson comparisons.

For years, the internet has tried to compare the talents of the two superstars, with some even suggesting that Chris is better than the King of Pop.

But while some fans may argue otherwise, Chris is shutting down the comparisons. “That’s cap,” he immediately responded when Big Boy brought up the topic during an interview to promote his new album Breezy.

When asked how he deals with the conversations, he responded, “I stay the hell up out of it. I’ma keep it a hundred. I kinda back off it.”

He gave props to his idol for inspiring him and said he will never be able to compete. “My personal take on it is I wouldn’t even be breathing or even be able to sing a song if that man didn’t exist,” he said. “I don’t know if they look at it as a Jordan-Kobe thing, but I couldn’t even look at it. He’s light years ahead. There is no competing with him.”

Chris revealed that he has “shrines of this man hanging up in my house,” adding, “Hell no, I ain’t better than him.”

The CB-MJ debate was recently reignited following a viral tweet from Ryan Clark. “Chris Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson… there I said it! Have a great week,” tweeted the former NFL star before social media weighed in on the controversial statement.

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